Excellent Early Career Scientist in SMS Award

Excellent Early Career Scientist in SMS Award

1. General info and selection criteria for this award after the ISA guideline:

  • One person every year from worldwide,
  • In early 5 years of his/her scientific research career after PhD or master,
  • Have achieved a significant contribution to advance scientific knowledge of SMS related disciplin
  • Nomination deadline: April 30th, 2020,
  • Send the material to wg_smsmor@sio.org.cn with subject of “Excellent Early Career Scientist in SMS Award + Name +Affiliation”, for example: Excellent Early Career Scientist in SMS Award, Thomas Zhang, Zhejiang University, China.

2. Nominations should consist of the following documents:

  • A letter from the nominator summarizing the research of the applicant and outlining the national or international significance of the applicants work to date. The letter should not exceed 750words,
  • The curriculum vitae of the candidate,
  • Any relevant publication derived from the applicants,
  • Two letters of sponsors outlining the type and impact of the research carried out by the nominee.

3. Advisory Committee:

  • All WG members; However,
  • Members are required to disclose any conflict of interest and to recuse themselves from evaluating any proposal on which they have or may be perceived to have a conflict of interest such as having a mentor-mentee relationship with the candidate.

4. Selection Process:

  • Members of the Advisory Committee evaluate and sort the applications,
  • The evaluations will be submitted to Co-Chairs forthe final decision.

5. Award and Presentation:

  • The award will be granted to the successful applicant,
  • The awardee will be announced at the next WG meeting and/or will be announced through the InterRidge and/or WG channel.