Mantle Imaging Working Group's OBS and OBEM listings

The InterRidge Mantle Imaging Working Group would like to promote large-scale seismic/EM experiments to image the mantle structure at ridge systems. We encourage PIs with cruises for these experiments to consider availability of bunks for graduate students (esp. students from a different country) and/or to enable international collaborators to deploy additional instruments on the cruises.
Please feel free to submit your OBS and/or OBEM listing here:
Please contact the InterRidge Coordinator ( with any questions.

Location Deployment Date and Duration Instruments Project scheduled? Cruise berth(s) available Potential for additional instrument deployments Contact person(s)
Southern Mariana Trough Spreading Center 2010/08 for 3 months 13 OBEMs and 20 OBSs Proposed Maybe No Nobukazu Seama, Kobe University