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Cruise ID Ocean Region PIs Year
Cocos-Nazca Rift Cruise N. Pacific Galapagos Rift Emily Klein (Duke) and Hans Schouten (WHOI) 2018
Hermine N. Atlantic N MAR Fouquet Y. 2017
Momarsat N. Atlantic MAR Lucky Strike Cannat M. & Sarradin P.M. 2017
Ohassisbio Indian Royer J.Y. 2017
Magofond 4 Leg 1 Indian Mozambique Basin Dyment J. 2017
Magofond 4 Leg 2 Indian SWIR & Enderby Basin Dyment J. 2017
HYDROBSMOMAR N. Atlantic N MAR J. Perrot 2014
SISMOSMOOTH N. Atlantic N MAR M. Cannat 2014
AURORA Arctic Gakkel Ridge A. Boetius 2014
Need ID N. Pacific JdF Ridge A. Fisher 2013
ODEMAR N. Atlantic N MAR J.Escartin 2013
MOMAR 2013 N. Atlantic N MAR M. Cannat 2013
Need ID S. Atlantic South Sandwich Arc G. Bohrmann 2013
OCEANOGRAFLUX N. Atlantic N MAR F. Lucazeau; M. Cannat 2013
Need ID N. Atlantic N MAR G.W. Luther 2013
JC082 N. Atlantic Mid-Cayman Rise J. Copley 2013
MSM25 S. Atlantic S MAR C. Devey 2013
Need ID N. Pacific H. Tobin 2012-13
GEOTRACES S. Pacific S EPR C. German; J. Moffett 2012-13
HYDROBSMOMAR N. Atlantic N MAR J. Perrot 2012
RHUM-RUM Indian CIR G. Barruol 2012
COLMEIA S. Atlantic S MAR M. Maia 2012
ID Needed N. Pacific JdF Ridge PI Needed 2012
FUTUNA 4 Y. Fouquet 2012
Need ID N. Pacific N EPR N. Le Bris; F. Lallier 2012
Need ID Okinawa Trough need ID 2012
MOMAR N. Atlantic N MAR M. Cannat, P.M. Sarradin 2012
JC68 S. Atlantic S MAR G. Henderson 2012
TACT S. Pacific J. Dyment 2012