IRTI abstracts

First Author Title 
Sergei Silantyev Interaction Hydrothermal System with Magmatic and Tectonic processes: An example of MAR Oceanic Core Complexes
Nobukazu Seama Review of Japanese Taiga project 3: Geodynamics of the Southern Mariana Trough Back-Arc Basin
Chris German  Hydrothermal Exploration of Mid Ocean Ridges: Where Might the Largest Sulfide Deposits Occur?
Anne Briais Structure and dynamics of the Southeast Indian Ridge and off-axis volcanism, 129°E to 140°E: Preliminary results of the STORM cruise
Ágata S. C. M. A. Dias Saldanha hydrothermal field: the role of the sediment-cover in the preservation of ore-forming minerals
Seung-Sep Kim  Tectonic Processes of the Australian-Antarctic Ridge
Jun-ichiro Ishibashi  Review of Japanese Taiga project 2, Okinawa Trough
Kyoko OKINO  Review of Japanese Taiga project 1, Indian Ocean
Jun-Ichi Kimura Melting of peridotite beneath Mid Ocean Ridges: Simplicity and complexity
Krasnova Elizaveta First data on composition of the NW Pacific Oceanic Lithosphere exposed along the Stalemate Fracture Zone.
Tetsuo Matsuno A review of electromagnetic approaches to the seafloor spreading ridge system
 Mathilde Cannat Hydrothermal circulation and the melt plumbing system at slow spreading ridges
Berengere Mougel East Pacific Rise 15.4°N: A geochemical approach at very small spatial and temporal scale in a hotspot-ridge context.
Fernando J.A.S. Barriga  Sub-seafloor massive sulfide deposits: a resource for the near future?
Kentaro Nakamura Geochemistry and biogeochemistry of deep-sea hydrothermal system
Sven Petersen The resource potential of slow- and ultraslow-spreading ridges
Kim Juniper Studying Mid-Ocean Ridge Processes with Observatory Technologies: What Have We Seen After Five Years?
Nadine Le Bris Hydrothermal energy transfer and the ocean carbon cycling
Marcia Maia Complex ridge-transform evolution and mantle exhumation at the St. Paul transform-fracture zone system, Equatorial Alantic. 
Lartaud F Characterization of chemical energy resources used by chemosynthetic bivalves in present and fossil hydrothermal systems using stable isotope signature of shells
Jerome Dyment Magnetic anomalies at spreading centers - from global sea-surface data compilations to local deep-sea investigations
Colin Devey Mapping out the accretion history of the Atlantic
Henry Dick Remelting the Gondwanan Mantle


Xiqiu Han First Ultramafic-Hosted Hydrothermal Sulfide Deposit Discovered on the Carlsberg Ridge, Northwest Indian Ocean
Yejian Wang Sulfide Mineralization from a Newly Discovered Hydrothermal Field on the Carlsberg Ridge: Evidence from Mineralogy and LA-ICP-MS study
Ren Mengyi Metallogenic information extraction and quantitative prediction process of seafloor polymetallic sulfide resources in the Southwest Indian Ocean
Xiaohu Li,  Zn isotope composition in hydrothermal systems on the mid-ocean ridge and its implication for geochemical cycling of Zinc
Li-Shoujun TPEC Algorithm and its Application in Niao Chao Hill —China’s first international undersea feature naming
Li Huaiming Hydrothermal sulfide mineralization model at Dragon Area on the Southwest Indian Ridge
Shujie Wang Geochemical features of the hydrothermal sulfide on the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge near 15°S
Zongwei Cai Rare-earth-elements characteristics of the hydrothermal sulfide in the Central Indian Ridge
Jianyu Ni The new Hydrothermal zones along 3-7 south degree latitude at eastern Pacific Rise
ZIYIN WU A new method to identify the foot of continental slope based on an integrated profile analysis
Dineng Zhao A New Method of Automatic SVP Optimization Based on MOV Algorithm
刘守金 对澳大利亚 - 南极洲不吻合带 (Australian-Antarctic Discordance) 的观测与地球动力学研究: 探索地幔下涌与温度异常对大洋中脊岩浆量以及岩石圈变形的影响
Songlei Xie The influence of magma intrusion in South China Sea breakup
Jiabiao Li  The Crustal Structure of the Southwest Indian Ridge(49°17'E–50°49'E)
Zhong Qiu Temporal and spatial variations in seismicity of fast-slipping oceanic transform faults at the East Pacific Rise
Weiwei DING Tectonomagmatic process in the Southwest Sub-basin, South China Sea -geoconstraints from seismic data and IODP 349 Expedition
Jinchang Zhang Tamu Massif-Largest Volcano on Earth-within Shatsky Rise Oceanic Plateau Formed by Mantle Plume-Mid-Ocean Ridge Interaction?
Fan Zhang Systematic variations in morphological characteristics of global transform faults
Jie Zhang Seismic evidence of a detachment fault near the fossil spreading center in the Southwest Sub-basin, South China Sea
Ryoko Senda Review of Os isotope variation and model ages in ablyssal peridotite 
Ding Weiwei Neotectonics in the Southwest Sub-basin, South China Sea: Constraints from multi-channel seismic data and IODP Expedition 349
Masakazu FUJII Near-seafloor Magnetics using AUV URASHIMA at the Tarama and Irabu Hydrothermal Fields, Okinawa Trough
Zhang Xia Mineralogical Study of Hydrothermal Sulfide in the Okinawa Through
Ji-Qiang LIU Micro-FTIR and Raman spectroscopy study of melt inclusions and glasses from East Pacific ridge (EPR) 
Xubo Zhang Investigation of turbulent flows and near-bottom hydrothermal plumes at mid-ocean ridges
Gavin A Haughton InterRidge Bursary to Panama Basin and preliminary bathymetric interpretation
Ning Qiu Interpretation of the spreading process for the narrow low-latitude inactive ocean basin using deeptow magnetic anomalies: A case study of Southwest Subbasin, South China Sea
wu zhaocai Geophysical signatures of oceanic core complexes at the Carlsberg Ridge
E.P.M. Gregory Geophysical analysis of oceanic crust at a mid-ocean ridge
Caicai Zha Evolution of the ridges and transform faults due to the changing of spreading direction and speed at the Southwest Indian Ridge
Huatian Zhang Different Crust Failure Modes Controlled by Spreading Obliquity and Its Implication: Insight from Southwest Indian Ridge 46-52.5°E
D.J. Wilson Crustal evolution from the Costa Rica Rift to borehole 504B
Zhiyuan Zhou Contrasts between magmatic versus amagmatic segments of ultra-slow spreading systems: Differences in underlying mantle thermal regime, partial melting, and lithospheric structure
Tao Zhang Asymmetric crustal structure of the slow-spreading Mohns Ridge
Tingting Zheng Contrasts in hydroacoustic seismicity along oceanic transform faults between the East Pacific Rise and Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Ling Chen Mantle heterogeneity and melt refertilization beneath the ultraslow-spreading ridge: Minerals compositions of peridotites from the Southwest Indian Ridge (53°E segment)
Sang Joon Pak Ocean core complexes and non transform offsets on the Central Indian Ridge between 8°S and 18°S
Natue Abe Major element chemistries of the Pacific crust subducting into the Izu-Bonin Trench.