InterRidge promotes interdisciplinary, international studies of oceanic spreading centers by creating a global research community, planning and coordinating new science programs that no single nation can achieve alone, exchanging scientific information, and sharing new technologies and facilities. InterRidge is dedicated to reaching out to the public, scientists and governments, and to providing a unified voice for ocean ridge researchers worldwide.

AGU Fall meeing 2014

12/15/2014 08:00
12/19/2014 18:00

InterRidge related sessions in AGU 2014

Session ID# 2506: Crustal Accretion Processes at Intermediate to  Fast-Spreading Ridges: New Advances from Seafloor Geology, Geophysical Experiments and Ocean Drilling

Session ID# 27

A Call for Deep-Ocean Stewardship

For your interest, please find link to a paper published yesterday in Science Policy Forum, entitled “A Call for De

Post-Doctoral fellowship for Zooplankton Ecologist at NIWA in New Zealand

NIWA is a dynamic research organisation whose purpose is to enhance the economic value and sustainable management of New Zealand's aquatic resources and environments, to provide understanding of cl